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More Consumers Paying Bills Online

Online Bill Payments Surpass Checks for the First Time ATLANTA - A new study reported today finds that for the first time, consumers in Internet-connected households are paying more of their household bills online than by check.

Utility Users Let Us Know Who’s Boss...Consumers

March 8, 2007

We are all familiar with the phrase “the customer is always right.” We might remind our local car dealer of this point while shopping for the new family mini-van. It might even be used as a rebuttal to the Best Buy sales agent, as she tries to add warranties and service features to our television purchase. However, in some industries we tend to take the consumer for granted and assume he/she will always put up with the status quo.

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UBill Advance UBill Components


UBill Advance is built in a modular fashion to allow you to pick and choose which capabilities you want to employ now, while giving you the flexibility to add functionality over time.

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